Author’s Book about God and wisdom

A Physicist’s Perspective on God:

Roadmaps to Wisdom Through Science and Life

Who is God?
How do I gain wisdom?
How do I know if God exists?
Can I communicate with Him?

In this book, physicist Alan Tai talks about his journey through a variety of religious schools grounded in Buddhism, Catholicism, Muslimism, and Atheism, and how the experiences led him to pursue genuine wisdom in science and life. Further pursuits into the scientific world, and an inspired introduction to Jesus Christ, led him to analyze science and spirit in his search for answers about life. In these pages, you will find proven hypotheses, figures, and other roadmaps to help you understand your relationship with God.


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About the Author

My name is Alan Tai. I am a Physicist in training & I currently have  written a book related to the beauty of science and life. 


I will highlight 3 different scientists. Marie Curie, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

People's Beliefs

I will highlight four major religions in the world. Buddhism, Muslim, Catholic and Christian.

My Work

My work in Ultrasound and my different patents that I have.

Chinese video & Writings

I will highlight different Chinese pages in writing and video messages in teaching and music. 


If you would like to contact me, please use my contact form and it will send me a email. 

Recent Blog Posts

Do Aliens and God Exist?

Do Aliens and God Exist?

I used to be an atheist and believed in evolutionary theory until I spent time investigating the other side of the answer. Based on arguments similar to those in the questions, to prove God does not exist is much more difficult to prove than God exists.

What’s Behind the Beauty?

What’s Behind the Beauty?

The amazingly sophisticated arrangement and order of this universe could only be possible by pointing to a Creator, who was behind all the well-designed formulation of all visible and invisible things operating within this universe.

Treat People with Different Worldview

Treat People with Different Worldview

No matter where and when you live, study, and work, people around you should respect one another regardless of their backgrounds, races, beliefs, and ages. If we can understand more about other people’s situations and promote dialogue among different cultures, the world will have more peace and fairness.

I like to post many articles of the scientific nature on my Science and Life Blogs

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