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Exploring Life from God’s Perspective

This website is dedicated to answering some of the tougher questions in Life that have haunted man since the beginning of time.

Who is God?
How do I gain wisdom?
How do I know if God exists?
Can I communicate with Him?



I have written a book that tries to answer some of these question that is found on the website but I will also writing and  posting articles on my blog here on a regular basis that my interest you in the area of science and religion.

On this website I talk about different scientists like Curie, Newton and Einstein who changed the face of science over the years. I have a section about different peoples beliefs as well as sections on Chinese writings. 

You can also find other interesting things about my Patents and Ultrasound work as well. 

This website also has a built in translator located on the bottom left corner that will help you to read many thing in your native tongue.

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About the Author

My name is Alan Tai. I am a Physicist in training & I currently have  written a book related to the beauty of science and life. 


I will highlight 3 different scientists. Marie Curie, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.

People's Beliefs

I will highlight four major religions in the world. Buddhism, Muslim, Catholic and Christian.

My Work

My work in Ultrasound and my different patents that I have.

Chinese video & Writings

I will highlight different Chinese pages in writing and video messages in teaching and music. 


If you would like to contact me, please use my contact form and it will send me a email. 

Recent Blog Posts

How Big Is The Universe?

How Big Is The Universe?

The astounding discoveries of the vastness of this universe and the complication of the biology/chemistry/physics inside a human being open our eyes to the mysterious and marvelous works created by the wisest Creator.

The Vastness of This Universe

The Vastness of This Universe

The vastness of this universe and the uniqueness of the Earth point us to ask questions about why we exist in this particular space and time. What is the purpose of our life on this Earth? Is there a Creator behind this amazing universe and our world? How can we know and communicate with the Creator?

Isaac Newton Believed in God

Isaac Newton Believed in God

Throughout Newton’s life, he passionately pursued an understanding of the book of nature and also the “Book of Scripture” (Bible). Newton believed the Bible communicated the divine revelation from God to humans using language they could comprehend. The time he spent studying the Bible was compatible with the time he spent studying science, as illustrated by his writing of 1.3 million words on biblical subjects.

I like to post many articles of the scientific nature on my Science and Life Blogs

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